Tomoki Burakii

トモキ ブラキイ






February 8

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Tomoki Burakii (トモキ ブラキイ, Blackeye Tomoki), is one of the main characters in the Unlimited! (無制限の!) series.



Tomoki has bright, red hair, usually worn in two side-buns. She has a rather pale complexion, possibly because wealthy, important people in her time usually weren't tan; (poor men were forced to work in the feild all day; making a tan yet another thing reserved for towns folk.) Tomoki's left eye is blue, but it is unknown what color her right eye is.

She mainly wears a large, black, hooded, zip-up overcoat with two pink, pompom drawstrings, used to adjust her hood. Underneath is a simple white t-shirt, and a pair of black "booty shorts".

Tomoki's right eye is covered by a large, black eyepatch. (Her right eye socket is completely empty, due to some complications.) Her outfit is completed with a pair of black combat boots, almost identical to Kotoko's.

It is revealed that Kotoko dresses Tomoki in a mix of "left over cosplay" and her own clothes, because when the two first met, Tomoki was almost completely naked. This could also explain why Tomoki seems to dress so 'goth'; being influenced by Kotoko.

Personality and IntrestsEdit

Tomoki is cheerful and oblivious most of the time; and even believes Kotoko when she sarcasticly tells her that a microwave is a "magical unicorn breeding chamber." However, when Tomoki first meets Kotoko, she acts calm, creepy, and cunning in order to manipulate Kotoko. Halfway through their conversation, Tomoki breaks her cool and starts screaming at Kotoko, having a major breakdown. This "breakdown" would end with Tomoki stabbing Kotoko in the arm with an ancient pocket knife.

She loves to read with a passion, and also appears to be a quite talented artist. Much like Kotoko, she seems to have a strange fetish for "*un Chips".

But like the commercial says: "D*mn that sh*t is good."



Tomoki mutters darkly around him. She claims to avoid him because "it's not polite to hang around someone else's servant."


Kotoko is Tomoki's servant, and even though Tomoki loves her to death, she keeps getting this "weird feeling" around her. Later this feeling is revealed to be a mix of sadness and jealously, because "she's alive and I am not."


Tomoki finds Purin extremely annoying. Actually, everyone finds Purin extremely annoying.

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