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Todd (Fox) is the ninth and final spirit Kotoko and Tomoki face, and her element is Illusion (Reality Warping).

Todd controls eight weaker spirits in what Tomoki defines (to Kotoko) as "[...a] Slave Council".

Biography Edit

Upon Tomoki's arrival to the Spirit Gate with Purin, (Located in Japan,) She grows to fancy an un-named mortal living there. Todd, a fellow master-spirit, is disgusted by Tomoki's brashen charge into her former territory. Upon being invited, Tomoki arrives at Todd's shrine for a brief conversation about Spirit Boundries. Tomoki explains that she only tresspassed into Todd's territory in order to see the mortal she had grown romantically inclined towards. Frustrated, Todd becomes violent and threatens Tomoki with expulsion from Japan if she does not cease visiting her lover. Tomoki refuses, Telling Todd that she cannot keep them apart forever.

In a fit of rage, Todd plunges her sacred dagger into Tomoki's eye socket. Having had taken a large amount of damage from the attack, Tomoki forces herself into an enchanted sleep to heal.

Kotoko Story lineEdit

After her awakening at the hands of Kotoko, Tomoki discovers that Todd had attempted to seduce her former lover.

His fate at the hands of Todd is unknown, but it should be noted that having been well over a thousand years since Tomoki's enchanted slumber, he is presumed deceased.

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