Kotoko Takahashi

コトコ テケハシ

Koto full body ref






April 15

Hair Color

Blue/Purple, Blonde Streaks

Eye Color


Kotoko Takahashi (コトコ テケハシ, Takahashi Kotoko), is one of the main characters in the Unlimited! (無制限の!) series.



Kotoko has dark, purple hair, with blonde highlights framing her face. She has a rather pale complexion, due to her being an "indoor person"; and her eyes are a dark shade of brown.

She mainly wears a black jacket, a red wifebeater, paired with a black, pleated skirt on top of red and black striped stockings and tall black boots.


Personality and Intrests===

Kotoko is bold, violent and rebelious, often cussing at her teachers, friends, or peers. She is the lead singer of the garage band she formed with Hidekazu; and seems to have an undying passion for "*un Chips".

Kotoko's mother died when she was eight. Her father is almost never home, seeing that he's usually out "working or drinking". This could possibily be the reason for her attitude and behavior problems. She maintains a C+ average in school; but has never failed a class...



Kotoko is often kind and quiet around him, but returns to her normal self when they are around others. She even hints that she has a large crush on Hidekazu during one of their band practices; and gets extremely jealous when Purin jokingly makes passes at him.


Although she acts cruel towards Tomoki, Kotoko admits that "It's kind of cool having a 10,000 year old best friend, even if she tries to kill you fifty times a day". Tomoki tries to convince Kotoko that "forty nine of those were complete accidents", but only succeeds in annoying Kotoko more.


When Purin takes her place as Kotoko's Spirit Guide, she takes on the form of a dog to avoid questions from Kotoko's friends and family. Hidekazu, a major dog lover, somehow badgers Kotoko into taking care of "Purin Pup"; which only leads to Kotoko seeing Purin as even more annoying.

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