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Hidekazu (秀和, Hidekazu), is one of the main characters in the Unlimited! (無制限の!) series.



Hidekazu's hair color is a medium shade of grey that he dyed himself. His eyes are a deep brown.

His usual outfit consists of dark green t-shirt, a pair of either blue or black jeans, and an assortment of converse sneakers, all in different colors.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Hidekazu has a quiet, kind, and air-headed personality. He and his childhood friend, Kotoko formed a garage band, in which he plays bass and does back-up vocals. He is very attached to Kotoko, despite their clashing personalities.

Hidekazu's parents were killed in a car crash when he was 14. After his parent's deaths, he lived with his aunt and uncle until he entered highschool, when he began living on his own. He gets most of his income from his aunt and uncle, and also from his job at a convience store. Despite the busy and stressful circumstances, he keeps an A-B average, often scoring in the top percent of his class.



He has been friends with Kotoko since childhood. Even though she tries to hide it in front of him, he knows about her rebelious personality, and accepts that part of her. Because of his airheaded personality, he fails to notice her feelings for him, and the many hints others give him about them.


When Tomoki appears almost literally out of nowhere, Hidekazu is overjoyed that Kotoko made another friend. Since he does not know her very well, he only speaks to her when she speaks to him. But when he does speak to her, he is his usual self.


When Hidekazu sees Purin, she takes on the form of a dog. Hidekazu, being an extreme lover of dogs, fawns over her, and gives her the nickname "Purin Pup."

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